What’s a High School Connect Group?
It’s a small group of 6-8 high school students who meet together to hang out, pray, read Scripture, and grow as disciples of Jesus this Lent

How do I join a Connect Group for Lent?
Fill out the form below, then either Brendan or a member of the Core Team will contact you.

Who will choose the members of the Connect Groups?
You will. After you fill out the form below, go ahead and start talking to your friends and invite them to join.

What if I am unable to get a group together?
We will find one for you!

Who will lead the Connect Groups?
Your group leader will be Brendan and/or one of the members of the Core Team

How often will we meet?
You will meet 5 times, i.e. once a week leading up to Easter (except for Spring Break). Here is an idea of the time frame in which to hold your 5 groups, beginning with Ash Wednesday and taking you up to Spy Wednesday of Holy Week.

  • Session #1 March 1st-March 8th
  • Session #2 March 8th-March 15th
  • Session #3 March 15th-22nd
  • Session #4 March 22nd-April 5th
  • Session #5 April 5th-April 12

When will we meet?
You pick the time. In the morning before school, after school, before or after a practice, Saturday mornings, Thursday after Adoration, etc. There are no limits!

Where will we meet?
Again, you pick the place. At school, in a chapel, at Panera, etc. The only limit is that you may not meet in homes :(

How long will we meet for?
At least 1 hour to have a fruitful discussion, but you may go as long as you want.

Do I have to be there every time?
Yep! You aren’t committing just to a time and place, but to real actual people. The key is that the group is built upon real relationships, and not just an event. And remember, these groups have a clear beginning and end.

What if my pet snake dies?
Okay, that’s a valid excuse.

Will this change my life?

Can we continue to meet after Lent is over?
Of course!


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